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The Queen

In a secluded colony of inhumans, Rose is given the title of queen while the cruel Elders rule from the shadows. When Rose reaches maturity, tragedy awakens a dark power that she does not understand. Nevertheless, Rose begins to wield it in a war for control over the colony and her heart.

Rose decides to explore the humans she has fantasized about, before she is one day forced to conquer them. She’s intrigued by two suitors. Noah is a sweet boy, struggling with charm, and a complete gentleman. Austin is an attractive adventurer that challenges her authority at every turn. Rose’s wish is to find a king to help overthrow the Elders, but she has taken very horrific measures in order to retain her purity. While trying to save her soul, she may have damned us all.


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This is a temporary cover

This is a temporary cover

Mother Empress was warned about the dangers of having more than one heir. She didn’t listen.

After a tragic loss, the Fifth Virgin Empress is separated from her sisters and potential rivals. The only man she can trust is her newly turned elder, a mysterious ex human with a dragon tattoo. He teaches her how to fight and survive, but all the empress longs for is an ordinary life.

No matter how far she runs or how hard she fights, Mother Empress’s favor has placed a powerful curse on her.

Only one empress can be worthy enough for the rise of the High Queen.