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The Queen

In a secluded society of inhuman beings, Rose is selected to be the queen of her colony and raised for one purpose: to breed.  When she reaches maturity, the Elders murder her mother and awaken a dark power within Rose that she does not understand.  Rose begins a war for control, but agrees to replenish their population on the condition of finding love on her own terms.

Rose moves to California to explore the humans that she has fantasized about, yet may one day be forced to conquer.  She finds two prospects.  Noah is a sweet boy struggling with charm, but a complete gentleman.  Austin is an attractive adventurer that challenges her authority at every turn.  Rose's goal is to create a real family and find a king to help overthrow the Elders, but she has taken very horrific measures in order to retain her purity.  While trying to save her soul, she may have damned us all.