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The Color of God's Eyes

Charlotte was given her name the day she was purchased by Lady Cohen, a widow newly married to a plantation owner in Mississippi.  Charlotte is tasked with taking care of her son, John, not realizing that he's been tasked with observing her for any unique abilities.  The two grow secretly in romance, but their future together is threatened when John's loyalty to his father and the South is called into question.

Charlotte uses her blossoming gifts to escape a life of slavery and become the strong and adventurous woman that she was always meant to be, but she soon discovers a secret society of men willing to destroy her and her beloved for the gift that granted her freedom.

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The Song on the Devil’s Lips

As the Civil War rages on, Charlotte and her friends continue freeing slaves from captivity. After Charlotte faces a tragedy that shakes her faith in humanity, she is tempted by her former lover to join his crusade against them.

Charlotte has made a home with Cooper—the man that trained her and earned a place in her heart. Together, they help Mary Anne grasp hold of her dangerous powers.

Try as she might, Charlotte cannot escape John’s war or his growing superpowered army. Even more pressing, are the growing racial tensions in New York City.

Sooner or later, Charlotte knows she’ll have to make a choice, but it’s not easy defending a species that would war to keep her in chains.