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Christina L. Barr

My goal is to complete 30 books by my 30th Birthday

I have been a serious composer as far back as twelve-years-old. I’m a PK, which means I’m a pastor’s daughter. And no, the seven of us did not give my mom and dad a hard time. We’re a musical family, so I’ve been blessed to sing my songs all around the world.

In 2007, I graduated from Holly High School number nine in my class and attended College for Creative Studies. I am a graphic designer and videographer.

My addiction for writing emerged when I was eighteen, and I started on my first novel. To date, I have ten novels published, eighteen completed, and my goal is to finish thirty books by my thirtieth birthday. That date will be June 10th, 2019.

My current day job is consulting for political campaigns. One day, I’d like to be able to write full-time and see my beloved books on the big screen.

I am a huge nerd, and I am so proud of it. You have no idea. 

About Ninja Dust Publishing

I was raised in a world where all things are possible. No, I’m not quoting the opening of one of my many novels. I’m talking about my life. So when my family encouraged me to self-publish my first book, I had to overcome my fears and put myself out on the line. And once I did, I never looked back.

Ninja Dust Publishing was founded in 2013. It is an indie publishing company currently housing ten titles, all authored by myself, Christina L. Barr. The whimsy name for the company was thought of after much deliberation. I decided to draw inspiration for a name from Superkid. One of the amazing ingredients that God used to create Felix was Ninja Dust. It was interesting and something completely unique to me.

I have dozens of worlds, thousands of characters, and hundreds of stories trapped within my mind. I have no desire to be a warden, so I released my imagination through the freedom of books. 

All of the titles I produce have strong characterization and generally focus on the struggle of Good VS Evil. The end result will always be a positive message, but the journeys are sometimes perilous and the story may even be told through the eyes of a villain. Some are light, witty, and family friendly, like Superkid. Some are dark, romantic, fantasy stories. I make no compromises with the stories I feel compelled to write.

Most of the books are contemporary fantasy for kids as young as six and up. There are stories about would-be superheroes, actual superheroes, aliens, vampires, and people blessed with supernatural abilities from powers beyond.

Feel free to submerse yourself in my world. Your new favorite book is only a few clicks away.

Reading "Superkid" to a class in my hometown of pontiac.

Reading "Superkid" to a class in my hometown of pontiac.