2018 Superkid Costume Contest and Rules


Below are the Official Rules and Details of the 2018 Superkid Costume Contest.

What is the contest?

Costume. Cosplay. This is a celebration of Superkid and the characters that create the amazing world. You can don your favorite red baby blanket, sparkly tutu, or arm yourself with a very impressive stick. You can be the iconic trio of heroes, or become the ominous “Consequences”, or the threatening new bully from Superkid 2. Let your creativity run wild in our imaginative world!

What is the prize?

First-Place Winner: $300

Second-Place Winner: $200

Third-Place Winner: $100

When does it take place?

7:00am Eastern Time on October 31st to 12:00am Eastern Time on November 1st.

How do you enter?

Participants must take a picture in their Superkid character costumes and post them on October 31st. The pictures can be taken previously, but they must be posted on the 31st. Any entrees posted before 7:00am October 31st or beyond 11:59pm Eastern Time will not be considered.

Participants can enter on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

On Facebook, participant must like the Official Page for Ninja Dust Publishing, post their photo, tag Ninja Dust, and use the hashtag: #SuperkidContest.

On Twitter, participant must follow the Official Page for Ninja Dust Publishing, post their photo, tag Ninja Dust, and use the hashtag: #SuperkidContest.

On Instagram, participant must like the Official Page for author Christina L. Barr, post their photo, tag Christina L. Barr, and use the hashtag: #SuperkidContest.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram do not endorse the 2018 Superkid Costume Contest. Please follow their terms of agreement/service while participating.

Participants can enter multiple times, as long as each entry is a different costume and a photo of the contestant or a picture of a guardian’s minor entering (parents can enter multiple children with the same social media profile). Each entry must include the proper tag of the author’s profile/publishing page and the proper hashtag. Only one prize per person. A contestant may enter several times, but only one prize will be rewarded to them. However, a parent entering multiple children could possibly take home a prize for each child.

No purchases are necessary to enter.

Who can enter the contest?

Contest is open to all ages and worldwide (excluding a few countries). If under the age of 13, participants must have permission from their guardian and their guardian must enter on their behalf by submitting the minor’s photo through their personal social media accounts (according to the terms of service for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, users must be at least 13 years of age). For participants 13-18, they must still have permission from their parents to enter. According to Paypal, users must be 18 years or older (unless they have special accounts with parental assistance). If a minor between 13-18 is selected, their guardian must comply, and payments will be distributed to the guardian.

Groups or ensembles are allowed to enter. The profile that posts the photo entry must own the rights to the photo and be a member of the group/ensemble or be the legal guardian. Only one prize will be rewarded to the ensemble, and the prize will be distributed to the participant that enters the photo into the contest. Only one photo per ensemble will be considered. Group participants may also enter separately as individuals.

Prizes will be submitted via Paypal. Paypal will be the only form of payment. If participants do not and cannot get a Paypal account that can accept funds from an account within the U.S., they will not be eligible. Residents from restricted countries are also not eligible. Among the list—but not limited to—are:

·        Belarus

·        Burma (Myanmar)

·        Cote d'Ivoire

·        Democratic Republic of the Congo

·        Iran

·        Iraq

·        Liberia (Former Regime of Charles Taylor)

·        Persons Undermining the Sovereignty of Lebanon or Its Democratic Processes and Institutions

·        North Korea

·        Sierra Leone

·        Sudan

·        Syria

·        Western Balkans

·        Zimbabwe

For more information, please visit Paypal.

How is the contest judged?

The winners will solely be selected by the author, Christina L. Barr.

You can be literal. You can age the characters up. You can make their costumes movie cinematic quality. But whatever you do, capture the heart and soul of the characters. They can be main characters, side characters, villains, or even themes (Consequences).

Favorites will be liked, retweeted, and reposted. Ms. Barr’s top 3 picks will be chosen as the winners and will be announced as “First-Place Winner” and so on.

When will the winner be announced?

The top contenders will be sprinkled throughout the judging, but the winners will be announced on November 9th.

Winners will be contacted via social media private messaging and sent a terms of agreement through email to sign. After being returned, the prize will be delivered within two weeks.

Disclaimer: The above are the official rules for the Superkid Costume Contest. Ninja Dust Publishing reserves the right to cancel the above contest in the event of (but not limited to) tragedy, death, or an act of God. The winners will be selected solely by Superkid’s author, Christina L. Barr. By taking part, participants are acknowledging that Ninja Dust Publishing and Christina L. Barr may share their photos for use of promotion, and winners will be asked to sign a term of agreement, stating they understand the rules of the competition and to give permission to Ninja Dust Publishing and Christina L. Barr to use their entry photo for however they deem necessary. No personal information will be sought or received unless a participant is considered as a contender for the win, and no personal information will be collected from a minor without consent of their legal guardian. Standard Paypal rates and fees may apply.