Felix is the titled character. He’s extremely imaginative, naive, but also extremely kind. Felix is adventurous and little bit of a show-off. He always wants to be heroic and be good.


Princess Lady Diva

Felix may be the leader, but Kiara is certainly the brains. She is the smartest girl in class and tough enough to hang with the boys, but she is very feminine. She knows that Felix doesn’t have super powers, but she plays long because she adores him.



Li is Felix’s neighbor and a kindergartner. He is the youngest and smallest in the group and his family, so he is always fighting and ready to prove himself. He believes in Felix, so he takes his training and hero duties very seriously.

The Browns

Rosa Brown is Felix’s mom. She’s crafty, friendly, and loves to play with her son. She’s very expressive and appreciates his imagination and always encourages Felix. She is, at times, overprotective. She comes from a big Mexican family and is proud to share her culture with her son.

Henry is Felix’s ambitious and stern father. He is a dentist that loves his job, even though his son thinks it’s lame. He tries very hard to be a good and proper father, but he struggles with finding the right balance of being a great father and a good friend.

Revo Girl

Short for “Revolution Girl”. Liza, short for Elizabeth, is a classmate of Felix that debuts in Superkid 2. She was shy when she first got her braces, but she learns to come out of her shell and embrace the Superkid Team. She’s athletic, competitive, and does very well in school. She has a big heart for others and is willing to take big risks to help her friends.

Her costume is a white T-Shirt with a red star, a leather pilot hat, goggles, a brownish red jacket, gold and red tutu, tights, boots, and fingerless gloves.


Kenny is a neighborhood bully that begins picking on Felix and his friends in Superkid 2. He’s 2 years older than Felix, so he’s quite a challenge.

Kenny has red hair, freckles, and is first seen with a yellow puffy winter coat and snow goggles.