Coming July 2019

Song on the Devil’s Lips

“True love is not a myth. It’s mystic. It’s a force in the universe that draws two people together, resulting in incredible power, for either good or chaos.”

On the day Luna proves that she is powerful enough to be her father’s heir, she is banished for saving the life of an enchanting human boy. Her father, the king, gives her two options: kill Ian and regain her honor by the time she comes of age, or be destroyed.

Luna finds shelter in forbidden waters and comes under the protection of her father’s greatest enemy, the Sea Witch. As her ward, Luna becomes a fearsome warrior, but struggles with the fear of turning her powerful magic dark.

With only days remaining before her seventeenth birthday, Luna finds Ian sailing the seas in search of answers. Luna is determined to escape her father’s wrath, and the Sea Witch’s plot of revenge, but dark forces won’t allow her to live a human life without making an impossible sacrifice.

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Historical/Fiction/Fantasy/New Adult/Romance/Action

Sequel to the Color of God’s Eyes

The Nameless Series

September 2019

Superkid 2

Join Superkid, Princess Lady Diva, and Stickman on their greatest adventure yet.

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Children’s Chapter Book

Superkid Series

Coming October 2019

Anubis: Princess of the Damned

Coming Soon

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Contemporary Fiction Fantasy Romance/YA

Cursed Blood Series

Cursed Universe

Coming December 2019

The Empress

Mother Empress was warned about the dangers of having more than one heir. She didn’t listen.

After a tragic loss, the Fifth Virgin Empress is separated from her sisters and potential rivals. The only man she can trust is her newly turned elder, a mysterious ex human with a dragon tattoo. He teaches her how to fight and survive, but all the empress longs for is an ordinary life and a chance at real love.

No matter how far she runs or how hard she fights, Mother Empress’s favor has placed a powerful curse on her life.

Only one empress can be worthy enough for the rise of the High Queen.

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Contemporary Fiction Fantasy Romance/YA

The Queen Series